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Current supported minecraft version: 1.5.1

It'll probably still work with newer or older versions

04/18/2013: Update to 1.5.1. Added 30 blocks and 23 Items!
08/27/2012: Update to 1.3.2. Added additional tree types, sandstone types, 10 Blocks and 3 items.
03/11/2012: Update to 1.2.3. Added 2 Items and 2 Blocks. Also added a workaround for the "ShortTag cannot be cast to IntTag"-Error (that is actually a problem with the exporting program, not with S2B)
01/22/2012: Update to final 1.1.0. 20 items and 13 blocks added. Added print functionality, Marker functionality and fixed the memory problem.
11/7/2011: Update to beta 1.8.1 and various bugfixes. 10 items and 22 blocks added.
7/8/2011: Improved the could-not-parse-file error messages
6/28/2011: Added a text export that's compatible with the Builders-Mod



Texture pack support
How to start

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Schematic2Blueprint is a program to slize MineCraft Schematic export files into single planes. Some people like I myself lack the creativity to build something great in MineCraft, but we still enjoy building stuff. With this program, it is possible to take awesome stuff other people made (and released as Schematic files) and generate a blueprint out of them for rebuilding them.
It also supports exports in either PNG images for the single layers or animated GIF files.

It is also usefull for finding hidden stuff in the schematics, for example, the Millennium Falcon (see below) contains a hidden smuggler chamber that most people probably wouldn't even expect.

A great source for such Schematic files is the website

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Texture pack support

Schematic2Blueprint supports MineCraft texture packs of the size 16x16. The process to do this is similar to the normal install process of the texture pack. You have to take the terrain.png and items.png images out of the texturepack, then open the Schematic2Blueprint jar file in an archive program like WinZip, go to the directory /klaue/mcschematictool/ inside it and replace the terrain.png and items.png there with those of the texture pack.

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The Schematic used in the screenshots is "Millennium Falcon Flying.schematic", which is, as the name implies, the Millennium Falcon from Star Wars. Megatech rebuilt it inside MineCraft and was nice enough to let people have the schematic of it, downloadable here.

The main GUI:
GUI Schematic2Blueprint

PNG exports:
PNG export of Schematic2Blueprint

Block counter:
Block counter of Schematic2Blueprint

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How to start

You'll need java version 6, but since MineCraft itself needs java, you'll probably allready have it.

If everything works, you can just double-click the bat (windows) or the sh (linux, mac (probably)).

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Schematic2Blueprint (All operating systems - jar) (667 KB, zip)
The source is contained inside the jar file.

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Would be nice if you would drop a link back to me if you put it in another forum or extend it. As for the rest, you're only bound to the licence of JNBT. See the Licence directory in the jar file for the full licence text.

Schematic2Blueprint also uses the GIF encoder from FM Software

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#212 please update! wrote at 11/27/2016 07:24 PM (EST):
It would be great to have all building blocks at least until 1.8! Thank you

#213 Klaue wrote at 11/28/2016 02:38 PM (EST):
it does, you just have to check up the updated version, link is at the top

#210 Joey wrote at 10/28/2016 10:56 AM (EST):
Um... help with"Classic" Schematics?, any one?

#207 Bruellbart wrote at 09/27/2016 12:38 PM (EST):
Very good tool indeed. I used this two years ago to bring my "Note Block Studio"-Songs to the server I'm playing. Now it gives me a "Classic fileformat is not supported"-Message and there is no older download. What can I do?

#208 Klaue wrote at 09/27/2016 04:37 PM (EST):
AFAIR classic file format was something used in the early betas. But I don't remember clearly, it's been a while.

instead of trying an older one (none around, sorry, didn't keep them), try the updated one instead, link is at the top of the page. I'd say there's a good chance that one will work

If that also doesn't work.. well, get a newer schematic ^^;

#209 Bruellbart wrote at 09/28/2016 04:07 AM (EST):
That's what I did yesterday . I downloaded the version on top. Note Block Studio doesn't give me the option to create a "newer" schematic file. But I found another solution by googling, but I dunno if I#m allowed to post the link here.

Still great program of yours, helped me a lot back in the days :)

#201 inostupid wrote at 06/23/2016 04:54 AM (EST):
do you still check this Klaue? id really like to talk with you please email me!

#200 Paul wrote at 10/06/2015 05:05 AM (EST):

After looking at the pictures you have posted to build the Millenium Falcon layer by layer i really want to build it. It looks awesome and much better than most of the videos on youtube. Unfortunately i cannot download the files to print off. I have tried to download java and a zip file programme but i am useless with computers. I was wondering if it was possible for you to email me the pictures please. I have printed off the pic of 15 stages but they are blurry when i zoom in to have a closer look. Many thanks and look forward to your reply, Paul

#199 Ender wrote at 08/25/2015 10:58 AM (EST):
Everytime I try to open the windows.bat file i get the message: "javaw could not be found." But i have java installed...

#198 Ender wrote at 08/25/2015 10:56 AM (EST):
Everytime I try to open the windows.bat file i get the message: "javaw could not be found." But i have java installed...

#204 fdfd wrote at 08/31/2016 11:51 AM (EST):
Me too, found a way to fix it?

#205 Klaue wrote at 08/31/2016 11:22 PM (EST):
that sometimes happens. open it in an editor and replace javaw with the full path to your java, something like
"C:\\Program Files\\Java\\jre6\\bin\\javaw.exe"
(put it in quotes, windows has problems with spaces in paths otherwise)

btw, gonna upload a newer version sometimes during this week, if I don't forget it

#206 Klaue wrote at 08/31/2016 11:25 PM (EST):
single backslashes, not double ones though
also, the new version will be put on

#188 Ryan wrote at 04/05/2015 10:14 PM (EST):

Just spent a free weekend adding to your project. It's great, the framework was so intuitive and easy to work with!

So, here's what I did...

Added Acacia and Dark Oak tree types, slabs, leaves, stairs, saplings

Updated potions

Fixed a little bug with Lever - 0-15, not 0-14

Added "top Half" support to Wood Trap Doors. Haven't touched Iron trap doors yet.

Added Hay Bales, but can't do directions, because they don't use Block Data, now it's the new Block State system

Added all known Minecraft blocks to NameProvider

Added variants of Dirt

Added Red Sand variant, haven't touched the stairs or red sandstone yet

Added Carpet (and did a real crappy job)

Added Monster Egg blocks (a schematic I used had a ton of them)

Anyway, get a hold of me if you want to see/distribute what I've changed.

#189 Edd wrote at 04/27/2015 09:38 PM (EST):
I would love to see your changes added. Many of the projects I have wanted to use contain the newer blocks not found on the original program all I see is question marks.

#190 Klaue wrote at 04/28/2015 01:05 AM (EST):
Wrote him a mail weeks ago now, never got an answer. Either the mail given in the comments (only I can see them) was wrong or he lost interest

#191 Edd wrote at 04/28/2015 02:05 PM (EST):
Oh well I was hoping that he would have the update. this is an awesome program!

#192 Ryan wrote at 05/06/2015 08:30 AM (EST):
Hi, sorry, life got busy. Here's what I've got so far.

#193 alex wrote at 05/07/2015 09:23 PM (EST):
thanks so much for doing it holy lord. I downloaded it however it won't open. :/

#197 Mike wrote at 08/10/2015 07:29 AM (EST):
Same as Alex, unable to get the new version to run. :( Getting errors that crash to desktop on a Mac (10.10 with JRE 6.x). Original works well, at least. :)

#202 Mission001 wrote at 07/24/2016 07:38 AM (EST):
Thank you so much, got it to work.
It doesnt have the new 1.10 blocks, but its amazing to have a very updated version of this, massive props to you :D

#196 kodi wrote at 07/31/2015 12:11 AM (EST):
How can we add items ourselves?

#179 Lettie wrote at 11/23/2014 10:43 AM (EST):
One of my favorite little Minecraft utilities. As someone who's rubbish at building things that actually look nice in-game, it's nice to be able to take apart things that other people have built and try and get ideas from that to make my own builds look nice. Not to mention it's Mac-compatible. :)

Would be nice if it were updated to support the newer blocks in the newer updates, but hey, it's not a huge deal. Bet you have your reasons for not updating and I can't even begin to say how much this little program has helped.

#180 Klaue wrote at 11/24/2014 12:14 AM (EST):
I did check out what was changed.. Don't have the numbers in my head, but were somewhere around 20 blocks and 30 items, ubdating would probably require at least 8, probably more hours. And that for something I don't even use anymore as I don't play MC anymore..

#181 Nokraa wrote at 01/12/2015 06:01 PM (EST):
So, I've been helping out updating jmc2obj and I was thinking I could help out with this one too. If that's okay with you of course. I just need to know how you've set up the block types. jmc2obj uses config files to hold block data.

#182 Klaue wrote at 01/13/2015 02:57 PM (EST):
Well, I don't know what that is and the website seems to not want to let me know, so I dunno what you need.
but feel free to do with that as you wish, I now doubt I will ever find the drive again to work on it. It has been years since I really played MC

#185 xz wrote at 02/09/2015 09:33 AM (EST):
Source code? Would be helpful to get things caught up to date by anyone.

#186 Klaue wrote at 02/09/2015 12:37 PM (EST):
See Download above, source was always available

#183 bite wrote at 01/21/2015 11:34 AM (EST):
ta gueule

#184 Alex wrote at 02/04/2015 09:32 PM (EST):
If you're able to update it Nokraa it'd be awesome if you could share it! :)

#177 Fudgeturret wrote at 11/10/2014 08:03 PM (EST):
Can some one tell me how to open this on my mac. I double click on the sh file and it opens in note pad. Ive tried googleing it but none of the results are in language i can understand.

#178 Klaue wrote at 11/11/2014 04:16 PM (EST):
If you got java (if not, install that first), try doubleclicking the jar

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