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System requirements
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Known bugs

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The GalleryGrabber collects images from multiple sites (deviantArt, VCL, FChan, Furaffinity). You can get all images since the last download or since a date from the artists/subpages you selected.

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System requirements

Java2 version 6 or newer. You can check if you have it using this command line command (Windows: Start->run->cmd):

java -version

If you get nothing or if it's telling you that it doesn't know the command "java", you probably don't have java. If you get something, it should look like this:

java version "1.6.0_16"
Java(TM) SE Runtime Environment (build 1.6.0_16-b01)

If the number is 1.6 or larger, GalleryGrabber should run.

If you don't have Java or an old version, you can download the newest one at "Download".

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Short tutorial

If everything works, you can just double-click the jar file, but sometimes a compressing software like WinZip graps this file extension.
If that happens, open the jar with javaw (Windows: right click -> Open with... -> Browse -> javaw.exe in the java install directory auswählen (also tick the "always open with"-box))

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To update GalleryGrabber, just copy the file accounts.sve from the Workfiles directory of the old version to the same directory of the new version.

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GalleryGrabber 1.8
Sourcecode GalleryGrabber 1.8

Java Runtime Environment (JRE) 6

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Known bugs

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Version 1.8
Version 1.7
Version 1.6
Version 1.5
Version 1.4
Version 1.3
Version 1.2
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I'd like to thank the following people:

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#287 Danny wrote at 04/18/2017 10:26 AM (EST):
Hey Klaue, ich habe Dein GalleryGrabber jetzt erst gefunden. Aber ich war schon sehr gespannt, weil ich beim DeviantArt echt viel schauen muss.

Nun gut, viele Knöpfe gibt es bei Deinem Programm ja nicht, aber anscheinend, mache ich irgendetwas falsch... funktioniert einfach nicht.

Es kommt nur kurz "bereite vor" und "download", aber immer kommt: "keine neuen Bilder". Und dann sind da auch keine.

Ich habe auch schon etliche Variationen des DeviantArt Künsternames durch. :(

Was mache ich falsch?
Grüße aus Köln :)

#288 Klaue wrote at 04/18/2017 01:10 PM (EST):
Vermutlich nichts, ich habe an dem Teil seit 2014 nicht mehr gebaut, wird wohl einfach nicht mehr mit dA zusammenpassen :)
Der Aufwand, das alle 2-3 Wochen zu aktualisieren weil die Seiten änderten lohnte sich schlicht nicht, weil kein Schwein das Proggi benutzt hat. Wenn seiten wie dA eine brauchbare API bauen (Zugrifsstelle für programme) so dass es stabiler sein könnte würde ich es ev. wieder updaten, aber sie haben es bisher nicht getan und werden es wohl nie tun. Also.. Du kannst das wohl als tot ansehen ^^

#289 Danny wrote at 04/18/2017 01:16 PM (EST):
Das ist aber schade. Aber trotzdem danke für die Antwort. Ich wünsche Dir einen schönen Abend, goodbye. :)

#284 Danny wrote at 06/05/2016 12:09 PM (EST):
Hey, Klaue. After the whole spiel that happened over at FA, I don't think I've been able to log in to FA through your application anymore. I keep getting the "wrong user/password" error message.

#285 teenboy14 wrote at 06/05/2016 07:19 PM (EST):
Its because of the captcha at the login page, I can tell that much. Seeing how long ago this was last updated, I dont think the author updating it is super duper likely, so I might try and make a patch to fix it. All it should need to be fixed is to tell the application that the user is logged into the website in a browser, and then for the application to use the authentication cookie as opposed to its current method.... That or just get the captcha to pop up for the user.... thats actually probably easier in the long run xD

#286 Klaue wrote at 06/07/2016 05:08 AM (EST):
yeah, that's it.
I would keep it updated if there was any resemblance of a proper API on FA, but I got qzuite tired of having to go over it all the time because FA has no API and decided again to change an insignificant detail of the code that fucks me over. Once, for example, they decided from one day to the other to remove all newlines from their HTMLs. Browser doesn't care, but my prog did.
It's really just too annoying and I got sick of it, esp. since pretty much no one used it. I mean, FA was broken for quite some time now and it took til now that someone noticed.

Eh, maybe I'll update it some time in the future, maybe add FN or something, but will probably be some time, if ever

#280 GalleryGrabber Lover wrote at 08/15/2015 06:24 AM (EST):
Hi, first thanks for the time you have been working on this great tool.
Second, is there any alternative for DeviantArt?.


#281 Danny wrote at 06/05/2016 12:07 PM (EST):
Hey, Klaue. After the whole spiel that happened over at FA, I don't think I've been able to log in to FA through your application anymore. I keep getting the "wrong user/password" error message.

#282 Danny wrote at 06/05/2016 12:08 PM (EST):
Woops, sorry for replying to you.

#283 Danny wrote at 06/05/2016 12:08 PM (EST):
Woops, sorry for replying to you.

#274 Duder wrote at 02/26/2015 07:27 AM (EST):
Hey Klaue! When I try to download pictures of an artist, the program just downloads a fraction of the gallery, tells me "no new pictures" and stops. Am I making something wrong? Regards

#275 Klaue wrote at 02/28/2015 08:05 AM (EST):
It's probably just because the prog is out of date, sorry

#276 Swift wrote at 06/20/2015 03:54 AM (EST):
There are other options for DA and FA, but this was the only VCL capable program. :(

#277 Klaue wrote at 06/20/2015 06:09 AM (EST):
eh, sure VCL doesn't work anymore? They haven't changed their code in ages

#278 Swift wrote at 06/22/2015 04:07 AM (EST):
Nope, "no new images".

#279 Mi wrote at 08/12/2015 03:51 PM (EST):
Can someone tell me another option for DA? Nothing I tried worked.

@Klaue: Wie wär's, wenn du Geld nimmst für deine Arbeit, wie nandaka und seinem Pixiv Downloader? Pixiv ändert ständig irgendwas. Jeden Monat bringt nandaka eine neue Version raus damit alles wieder funktioniert. Ich denke er bekommt genug "donations" das sich das lohnt. Denk doch mal drüber nach. Also ich hab bis jetzt nicht mal ansatzweise was gefunden, was so gut war wie dein GalleryGrabber. Ein funktionierender Grabber allein für Deviantart würde vielen schon reichen.

#270 Tesla wrote at 01/11/2015 11:31 AM (EST):
Hello, Klaue. Do you know what became of Sergei Kirshenthal? Any contacts?

#271 Klaue wrote at 01/13/2015 02:53 PM (EST):
Nah, not since years now

#272 Tesla wrote at 01/19/2015 10:09 AM (EST):
Weird. He just vanished 3 years ago. Not a trace.

#273 Klaue wrote at 01/23/2015 11:25 PM (EST):
Weird. But I guess that happens. I only once messaged him - he actually translated it without me knowing, I only learned it after the fact, at least as far as I remember, so no connection going on at my end

#269 Jack wrote at 11/23/2014 09:43 PM (EST):
Hi, can you please fix proxy? It always "Could not connect to the internet!".

#267 Peter wrote at 11/22/2014 04:22 AM (EST):
May it be possible to add support for inkbunny?

#268 Klaue wrote at 11/22/2014 06:44 PM (EST):
Nah.. I kinda decided to let this thing die anyway. At least until the sites make an official API. Everytime I update this thing, the sites update again making this broken again, and that sucks. Making it work again requires hours everytime and I don't use it personally anyway, so that sucks. I kinda had enough

#266 ImPz wrote at 11/21/2014 09:20 PM (EST):
Hi Klaue, thank you for your awesome program. You rock!

#262 solaris wrote at 11/14/2014 03:12 AM (EST):
Hi, Klaue, first of all thanks for this very handy tool. However, I have a problem for which I would like to ask for your advice. I tried your program on deviantart and it seems that it downloads always only the images from the first page of a gallery. Do I miss a setting? Does the tool distinguish between "featured" and "all" within a gallery? Thanks

#263 Klaue wrote at 11/14/2014 02:53 PM (EST):
Well, especially dA likes to fuck with this program. it probably would require an update again.. but I have no time to work on it unfortunately..

#258 nukerat wrote at 10/31/2014 02:19 PM (EST):
hi, i keep getting this "could not connect to the internet" info, however i can login and check DA and FA sites with IE and CHROME. pls help, thank you.

#259 Klaue wrote at 10/31/2014 09:40 PM (EST):
Checking internet connection is done through just trying to reach
Do you have a proxy set in your browsers? if so, set it in GG too.

#260 nukerat wrote at 11/01/2014 06:48 AM (EST):
just found out what cause it, if i set the images data too early(like, 2004), GG will keep report this error and wont work even if i restart it and set a recent time(2012).

#261 Klaue wrote at 11/01/2014 08:10 PM (EST):
That's pretty weird o.o
But GaGra was never planned to be a complete gallery downloader ;)

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