How To's

I like to use great technologies. Some of them, for example Jabber or Tor, sadly don't work without some work. That was the reason I wrote a short How to about Jabber in the Soptlight forum some time ago. Some day I got the idea that this could be useful for a wider audience. Because of this, I started a Livejournal to use as a temporally data dump for how to's. LJ sucked, so now this webpage exists.
Please notice that I speak german so the majority of my how to's are in german. The ones you see on the left are the only ones I translated yet so if you understand german, click on the little flag in the corner to display all of them.

Note: There are some additional infos hidden behind such yellow colored fields. Just click em to open a box with further explanations. (They are no links despite looking like it.

All How To's are Creative Commons (as long as it's not written differently on the how-to-page):
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